After the People's Climate March: Cynicism

There are those who deny climate change. And peak oil as well.


MakerFaire New York 2014

A few observations from the Maker Faire in Queens, New York, yesterday.


MakerCon: The Maker Business's Dilemma

One theme that came up, particularly on day one of the Maker Con event, was that one difficulty in becoming a "Maker Pro" is that it's hard to move from working prototypes to manufactured product, at least if you are going to manufacture in the quantities that most such products are likely to sell.

One thing that was different about the kickoff keynote at MakerCon Thursday morning was that it took an approach that was a lot closer to cultural criticism than anything I've seen here so far.


MakerCon New York Kicks Off

I guess the first thing to note is that it's really a bit of a schlep out to what does seem to be a fairly cool venue, the New York Hall of Science. I arrived late, just as a conversation with Ayah Bdeir, the founder and CEO of littleBits.


I'm glad in a way

Good things and bad things. I was away from home for a week and somehow managed to drive off without the critical bag: the one with my computer and iPad and everything related to work (including the charger for my iPhone, which I did at least have with me).